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Diabetes Hands Foundation believes that the power to spark lasting change in our own lives and the lives of others is in our own hands. Every day we rally the diabetes community by encouraging respectful and open exchange around the thoughts and realities of our lives, and the fresh ideas to improve them because we want to connect and energize the 366 million people living with this condition.

Rather than looking at the disease, Diabetes Hands Foundation seeks to understand the people living with diabetes and gives them the outlets to share ideas and experiences.

Please donate to Diabetes Hands Foundation today. Your tax deductible donation can be made online securely. You can also mail donations to: Diabetes Hands Foundation, P.O. Box 9421, Berkeley, CA 94709.

Thank you for your generous help!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Mary Loly $100.00
Alana Clemens $50.00 Thanks DHF and Manny! You are truly an inspiration!
Captain Glucose $50.00 Congrats on 5 years! And many more...
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Donna M. $2000.00
Khürt Khürt $100.00 I'm paying it back. Thanks for doing all that you do.
Robert Phillips $250.00 in care of my loving wife that has had Diabetes for 40 years.
Alicia Murray $20.00 I thought the best way to thank you for a great year is to make a donation to diabetes hands foundation. Thanks for helping us all make a difference in peoples lives, Luis.
Barbara Bancroft $1000.00 Thanks for all you guys do! Barbara (jrtpup)
JSJH-I, Inc. $4000.00 In memory of Jennifer S. Henley
Anonymous Donor $1.00
Theresa Garnero $100.00
Full Sail $230.00 We love you, Godfather! Do us proud!
Jose A $100.00
Tom Bakita $50.00
Peggy Duvette $25.00
Rick Breden $100.00 Kick some ass, Luis
michele lepe $50.00 Go Luis Go!!!
RIch Damato $100.00
Jeff Becko $25.00 Super G2!
Alejandro clavier $25.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Christian Oliver $20.00 Run, Luis, Run!
Karen14 $100.00 Go, Luis!!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Para mi hermano, Manny :-)
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Norman $25.00 i hope this number helps
Roy $50.00 TuDiabetes, OmniPod, and Dexcom...een diabetic for 37 years and things have never been better...
Anonymous Donor $200.00
Aliza Zaleon $25.00 TuDiabetes and DHF have helped me with my diabetes and connect with the DOC! Thank you, TuDiabetes and DHF!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Daniel O'Keefe $25.00
Joe $100.00 hey... better late than never.. keep up the good work DHF and TuDiabetes!
Kelly Layne $60.00 I owe much of my success to this community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Peter Kasenenko $200.00
yabbasha $10.00
Terry Keelan $50.00
Robert Miles $20.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anni Macht $100.00 I am grateful each day for TuDiabetes!
Blain Getachew $100.00 Great Work!
BadMoonT2 $105.00
AaronM $100.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
E Vicki $50.00 Thanks TuD!
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Katie Wells $25.00
Tim Moeslein $25.00
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